The dumbest way to make us smart

Somebody needs to explain this to me….

 – We collectively spend $70B per year to run the federal Department of Education

- We spend thousands of dollars per year in local property taxes to support education

- We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend college.

- Yet EVERYTHING we learn in school is available for free on the internet.

Is it time to throw our education models out the window and start over?


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The MA government deception of PARCC

I found this official video by MA Education Commission Chester explaining PARCC. I adding the following reply in the comments section. We will see if I am censored out.

“Commissioner Chester is not interested in evaluating PARCC. He is pushing PARCC down our throats in Massachusetts. Did you know that Commissioner Chester is on the Board of Governors of PARCC? Do you think this makes him impartial? Continue reading

The ONLY reason we need to oppose Common Core

For many, the trouble with arguing for or against Common Core is that education is complicated. How many of us have ever studied school standards or curricula? Compared and contrasted teaching techniques? Know how much it costs to run a public school district?
How are we supposed to have a strong opinion regarding Common Core when we are overwhelmed with information that is navigated mostly by professional educators? Continue reading

What is behind Ukraine? Follow The Money!

All the mainstream media outlets seem to be telling the same story & spinning the same opinions about what is happening with Ukraine & Russia.

Ukraine = Good guys looking for a better government

Russia = Bad guys sending in troops to take over weak neighboring country

US & EU = Good guys trying to assist the poor people of Ukraine Continue reading

All I am saying is give Freedom a chance

Why do we hold freedom of speech to be so sacrosanct, but freedom of action to be limited to the moral majority?

By now everyone has seen that Arizona is considering legislation that would allow business owners to deny service to gay customers so long as they are acting solely on their religious beliefs. I support the bill; however, in my opinion the bill is too limited in scope. Continue reading

Who does the minimum wage really help?

Forget which party you pledged allegiance to and start thinking for yourself!

Who does the minimum wage hurt?

1)    Our most unskilled workers:  Because they are unskilled, employers would have a net loss by employing them at the artificially high wage mandate. The result is unemployment for all workers who productive value falls below the minimum wage. Continue reading