My letter to Massachusetts legislators on Common Core

Below is the email that I sent today to my State Rep, State Senator, DOE, BOE, and Mass Teachers Association.

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Happy Friday!

I am writing to request support for particular 2015 budget amendments.

I oppose Common Core and PARCC testing.  However, I am kindly requesting that you support budget amendments that pause and evaluate Common Core and PARCC.

There is a lot to dislike about Common Core and PARCC. I have shared my concerns in my blog here and here. Although my blog is relatively new, it has found readership across the Commonwealth and beyond.

In particular, here are my concerns…

1)    Massachusetts already has (had?) the best education system in the United States and is world class.

2)    Common Core is untested, unproven, and will present additional cost burdens to our school system.

3)    With the RttT funding mechanism, Common Core undermines local and state control of education.

4)    Common Core standards represent lower academic expectations in Massachusetts.

5)    PARCC tests results will be shared in a national database accessible to the federal government and private organizations in the “business of education”.

6)    Parents in Massachusetts were not properly consulted when Massachusetts chose to adopt Common Core.

Below are the amendments that I request are summoned for debate next week.

#16 Cost-Benefit Analysis for PARCC

#36 Limiting Scope of Curriculum Control

#52 Pause PARCC

#61 Reimbursement for PARCC IT Upgrades

#468 Strike PARCC Funding

#1076 Independent Common Core Review

Have a great weekend. I am available on email and phone if you want to chat.

-Kirk Souza

Medway, MA

Cell  617-xxx-xxxx



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