Massachusetts Strong against Common Core – Call to Action!

Politicians in Massachusetts need to learn a lesson. When you mess with educating our kids, parents step to the plate.

Have you been to any of the recent public forums about Common Core? Did you see all the moms there? These moms are not to be messed with. They can see as clear as day that Common Core is not right for Massachusetts. Massachusetts’ education is world class and is the best education system in the country. Common Core, aside from removing our local control from education, will bring Massachusetts down and make our education “common” to everyone else. This does not sit well with Massachusetts moms.

Call to Action

Common Core in Massachusetts will not go away because you “liked” a couple anti-Common Core facebook pages. Nor will it go away because you signed an on-line petition. Nor will it go away because stopping Common Core just makes sense.

We need to contact the people that vote and influence votes. Speak up for what is right. We are Massachusetts Strong.

Budget Amendments

Next week (week of April 28th, 2014) the Massachusetts House will begin debating 2015 budget amendments. Below are the amendments that help our cause.

As of now, none of these budget amendments have much of a chance of passing. The reason is simple; our legislators have not heard from us regarding Common Core. If each legislator gets as few as 10 phone calls by tomorrow (Friday April 25, 2014), then we have created the urgency that is desperately lacking at the State House.

#16 Cost-Benefit Analysis for PARCC

#36 Limiting Scope of Curriculum Control

#52 Pause PARCC

#61 Reimbursement for PARCC IT Upgrades

#67 An Amendment in Defense of Local Education

#468 Strike PARCC Funding

#1076 Independent Common Core Review

Some of the amendments are weak. Why support them?

Here is the truth. Massachusetts legislators are not going to vote for an amendment to abandon Common Core. Such an approach is too strong. A strategy to immediately abandon Common Core, such as the amendment proposed by Jim Lyons (#67 above), is destined for failure. For the record, I LOVE that Jim Lyons is willing to stand up against Common Core. For his courage, I made a small contribution to his campaign fund.


Our short term strategy should be to weaken Common Core and PARCC testing. Independent reviews of Common Core, pausing PARCC testing, requiring cost benefit analysis of PARCC, and defunding PARCC are among the amendments up for debate next week that are compatible with this strategy.

These amendments will not pass unless the people listed below respectfully hear from us. Be nice! Phone calls are good. Emails work too. All you need to tell them is that you do not support Common Core in Massachusetts and request that they support any and all legislation to stop, pause, defund, or analyze Common Core and/or PARCC.

Make three phone calls. Or make three emails. These people want to hear our voices! They work for us!

1) Contact your State Representative

Find out who yours is here. Search as shown in image at the right.

2) Contact Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

Phone: 781-338-3102

If you feel ambitious (moms, you know who you are) contact each board member individually.

 3) Contact the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA)

Sean King, Government Relations Specialist

Phone: 617.878.8292

-  and / or  -

Joanne Blum, Director Government Relations

Phone: 617.878.8317


If you choose to use email for any of this, Rep Keiko Orrall has requested to be on copy. Keiko has (co)sponsored several budget amendments above that we are supporting.

Update 4/26/2014: My email is here. Feel free to borrow it.


Massachusetts moms …time to muscle up.


…and dads, you know what we need to do…


…and grandparents

…and educators

…and anyone that cares about education


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