2 thoughts on “Common Core lowers academic standards in Massachusetts

  1. “Aim high. Expect no&i8ng.t#i221;Thhs angle you take with your emphasis is very refreshing. You emphasize the hard work to get to where you want to go, instead of just believing you will.I like it.

  2. April 27, 20&84nbsp;1nbsp;2:&1 pm by Ed Hi Lynne and welcome! I would be surprised if the ceilings are really asbestos because that sounds unlikely, but BISF houses do seem to throw up some unexpected things. Though the structure of the main house is always the same, and they were built from the same plan, it seems the details and materials used for the non-structural parts varied, probably depending on what was available.Denton is probably your man to answer your question, as I think he’s in that part of Birmingham.

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